Abhijit Saha – Chef & Director

‘When Abhijit Saha setup Caperberry in 2008, it featured a cuisine very few people were familiar with, but with his passion and dedication he has brought the restaurant to the stage where we can safely call him a pioneer in Indian Food business,’ wrote Kripal Amanna, Publisher and Manager Editor of Food Lovers Magazine when DNA Newspaper honoured him as one of the ‘50 Most Influential Persons’ of Bangalore. Abhijit Saha is the Founder, Director, and Chef of Avant-Garde Hospitality Pvt Ltd which owns and operates two critically acclaimed premium restaurants in Bangalore.

Caperberry, the signature restaurant by Chef Saha provokes multiple senses and has won the ‘Best stand-alone Restaurant in India’ at the Time Out Food Awards, November 2011. Innovation, premium quality and attention to detail are the essential guiding principles of Caperberry, a world-class restaurant that showcases Modern European Cuisine with elements of molecular gastronomy.

His very popular second outlet Fava is a chic Mediterranean restaurant with a lounge bar, private dining space and delicatessen, located at the uber-luxe arcade in UB City. Exuding an understated sophistication, the menu at Fava offers discerning diners an opportunity to truly experience the magnificent and varied cuisines of the Mediterranean region.

Farzana Behram Contractor, Editor of UpperCrust Magazine refers to him as a perfectionist, who is sincere and dedicated to a pleasing nature and focused approach. Food writer Karen Anand sees the way he cooks and innovates with food as a sign of Abhijit Saha’s legerdemain.

At just forty-three, Chef Saha is one of the youngest to feature in the coveted ‘Hall of Fame’ list of fifty most important people in the Food and Beverage business in India, published by the UpperCrust Magazine in June 2012.

He has won the Jury Special Chef of the Year Award at the Hotelier India Awards in 2011. In the recent past Chef Saha has been awarded the prestigious Indian Federation of Culinary Association’s ‘Entrepreneur Chef of the Year’ and the South India Culinary Association’s ‘Golden Hat’ for outstanding contribution towards the profession. Rated amongst the top ten chefs in the country by several industry and mainstream publications, he is an expert in Classical and Modern European Cuisine as well as Regional Indian Cuisine.

When asked how he has grown to be such a powerhouse brand in the industry, he says, ‘My work speaks for itself. I have never made a conscious effort to market myself; rather I have tried to do my work with integrity and passion. My thirst for knowledge and willingness to experiment with new ideas is what has driven me forward.’

A natural orator, Chef Saha is a regular speaker at The World of Flavour conference in the Culinary Institute of America, IFCA National Culinary Congress and Times of India Literary Festival, amongst a host of other prestigious events. In March 2012 he was invited by TED to be a speaker at Ted X, Coimbatore on the Future of Cooking and Molecular Gastronomy.

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